Westview Occupational Health Services

– Preventative, Proactive and Complete Triage
Services for the Workplace –



Westview Health Care Center’s Occupational Health Services provide valuable and cost-effective options for preventing and mitigating work-related injuries and Workers’ Compensation claims. Our therapists and trainers provide on-site, individualized assessments, training and education in order to make the workplace, and workers, more efficient, safe and injury-free.

As a “5 Star” health care facility, Westview is expertly qualified in offering a multitude of therapy services including:

  • Ergonomic Training and Education
  • Nurse Practitioner Services
  • Workers’ Comp Evaluations
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Massage Therapy


Westview’s Occupational Health Services are designed to provide a first point of contact and evaluation for your company’s health and wellness needs. Westview’s reputation is built upon prompt assessments, plans of care and treatment services and referrals. We gladly offer same-day appointments, Monday-Friday, and immediate reaction to our clients’ health care needs.


From new hires to seasoned veterans, we’re confident that your company can achieve higher safety goals and lower injury incidents with an individualized and personalized training program with the assistance and direction of Westview therapists, trainers and APRN. With continual ergonomic assessments within each job position and their specific needs, our therapists will provide:

  • Proper lifting techniques/ body positioning
  • Body alignment/ ergonomic training
  • Stretching and exercise regimens
  • Classroom education
  • Safety recommendations
  • Work-specific critiques
  • Overuse/chronic injury prevention
  • Posture assessment and recommendations


As a leader in rehabilitative care, Westview’s Sports Medicine Department uses the latest in technology and research to treat a range of conditions including: acute injuries, strains, sprains, muscle, tendon and ligament tears and repairs, tendonitis, wrist, hand, knee, elbow and shoulder injuries, post-orthopedic surgery, chronic musculoskeletal disorders, overuse injuries and foot and ankle dysfunction.

Westview’s Sports Medicine gym is equipped with the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to meet a multitude of therapeutic needs.


An integrative approach for preventing and managing work-related injuries while educating and promoting the highest standards of health, wellness and function.


Westiew’s Nurse Practitioner is available on a continuing basis. This facilitates communication and ultimately efficiency in providing care and meeting common goals.


Westview’s Nurse Practitioner saves time regarding assessment and subsequent treatment to get employees back to work sooner.


By being available for counseling and teaching about workers’ health status, health improvement strategies and self-care abilities, the NP empowers individuals to take an active role in their health and care.

Take the next step towards a healthier, more productive, work environment with a little help from Westview Health Care Center.

Don’t let your employees fall through the cracks of a drawn-out Workers’ Compensation claim or injury!



Medicare, worker’s compensation, private pay and most insurance plans accepted.

For more information on Westview’s Occupational Health Services please contact Michael Panteleakos at
860-774-8574, ext. 143.

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