Westview Massage Therapy

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Sports Massage

A great addition to your normal exercise regimen, sports massage therapy is a therapeutic massage performed in conjunction with stretching and range of motion exercises. This massage is catered to the client’s individual needs as determined by their sport or level of physical activity.

Deep Tissue Massage

This full body massage is a deeper, more intense experience with focus on specific trouble areas. With a higher focus on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, this massage technique utilizes concentrated pressure and slow strokes that can be highly beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension and adhesions.

Massage in Conjunction with Therapy

A beautiful marriage between physical therapy and massage, this site-specific massage is targeted towards trouble areas as denoted by your physical therapist. This clinical massage is capable of optimizing physical therapy treatments as well as possibly expediting patient recovery. Plus, the stress relief and calming side effects of massage shouldn’t be ignored.

Relaxation Massage

A lighter touch massage that is soothing and pleasant. Commonly referred to as a Swedish massage, this total body treatment can promote a overall feeling of wellness, peacefulness and rejuvenation with a series of smooth, gentle and rolling movements. A perfect type of massage for relieving stress.

Hot Stone Massage

This specialty massage employs smooth, water-heated stones to help warm up tissues in order to break up adhesions and relax tight muscles while alleviating tension and stress. Combined with a full body massage, hot stones can also increase blood flow throughout the body, relieve chronic pain, as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion.

Aqua Massage

Our new Aqua Massage Spa combines the benefits of hands-on massage with the latest technology to produce
the most effective full-body water massage possible while staying fully clothed and dry.

Essential Care. Essential Balance.

As a leader in inpatient and outpatient therapies, Westview Health Care Center’s mission of providing the highest standards of care and maximizing physical and mental potential is embodied through our offering of Massage Therapy. By utilizing a combination of therapeutic massage techniques and explicit kiniesolgoical knowledge within a health care setting, our services are capable of providing relief to a host of ailments including: sore/tight muscles, headaches, back pain and stress relief for a complete body relaxation.

Westview’s Massage Therapy rooms create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and serenity.

What do you want out of your massage?

The path to complete wellness.

It’s your massage …

A short consultation at the onset of your session will help the therapist determine the type of massage that will suit you best, as well as areas to focus on or certain areas to avoid. A brief description of the process of your tailored massage is the beginning step to putting you at ease.
Westview’s Licensed Massage Therapists (LMT) are committed to providing a wide range of massage therapy techniques in a warm, quiet and soothing atmosphere. Whether you are interested in a massage therapy session following your physical therapy appointment for further relief, or simply want to relax and unwind, a gentle and comforting touch can be just what your body desires and deserves.


(Only for Westview inpatients)

Westview’s Massage Therapy Services also offer 30 minute inpatient treatments for our patients and residents. This one-of-a-kind service is performed from the comfort of their bed or chair and in the privacy of their room. Unlike a traditional massage, this offering is based primarily on companionship with a soothing touch.

A gentle touch and soothing company goes a long way for the body and mind.

– Pricing –

30 minute treatment : $30 (inpatient only)


A step to better health … improving function by reducing stress.


    From tense muscle relief to stress relief, massage therapy can help relieve the body of muscle tensions due to everyday stresses including poor posture, repetitive motions or labor-intensive employment/activities.


    The physical and emotional benefits of massage cannot be overstated! The warm, soothing motions of massage is an invitation to relax, an activity that few tend to allow themselves but all could benefit from.


    Knots and sore muscles can be a thing of the past with the restorative touch of a licensed massage therapist. Behold the power of healing hands.


  • 60 min. treatment : $85
  • 90 min. treatment : $125
  • Aqua bed 15 min. treatment : $15
  • Packages Available | Call for pricing


For more information on Westview’s outpatient program please call
860-774-8574 ext. 143

Our Massage Therapist

Bronwyn McCracken Licensed Massage Therapist

Bronwyn has been a LMT at Westview since 2018 and specializes in the multiple modalities of massage including: deep tissue, hot stones, stretching, signature relaxation, myofascial techniques, craniosacral and fragile client massage. Bronwyn can be reached at 860-774-8574, ext. 143.